HistorcaIly, purge chambers for gas-tungsten are (TIG) welding were typically made of heavy paper or cardboard. Costly in time and effort to remove, they often left dangerous residue in the lines. Current methods such as bladders and cones are expensive and buIky to store or transport. They are also prone to malfunction, easily damaged and Iimited in their application. Dissolvo water-soluble purge dams from CMS Gilbreth eliminate the hassles of conventional methods while saving you time and money.

Dissolvo papers and tapes completely disperse in liquid. Made of cellulose polymers and tackified resins, Dissolvo products are simply fushed away with water or steam when the weld is complete. Dissolvo purge dams are quickly and easily removed when no longer needed from even the most inaceessible pipe interiors.

Dissolvo purge papers completley dissolve upon contact with liquid or steam.
Non-toxic and non-corrosiv, they are environmentally safe.

No special tools or training are required to install Dissolvo purge dams. Simly cut, trace, fold and apply. They are also easier to handle and transport than bulky bladders, cones and discs. A small amount of Dissolvo paper will handle an entire day of welding.

Non-disposable purge dams such as cones and bladders are often difficult to remove and expensive to replace. Dissolvo papers and tapes are completely disposable and inexpensive. They also save time and gas. The hassles of lost, damaged or stolen purge dams are elimi­nated with Dissolvo.


A broad range of Dissolvo products ensures you have exactly what you need to complete any weld. Extremely portable, a small amount of lightweight Dissolvo is enought for a complete day of welding.

Athough Dissolvo materials are disposable, they last as long as needed and are strong enough to dam argon, helium and other inert gases. They can be formed to fit all sizes and shapes of piping and tubing and leave

 no harmful residue or trace elements in the line. Dissolvo purge dams are also designed not to burst inside pipes, unlike traditional bladders.

Used successfully for over 20 years in thousands of applications, Dissolvo purge dams are the preferred choice of the welding industry. Today, Dissolvo is at work in nuclear and fossil fuel plants, breweries, processing  and  chemical plants, offshore drilling rigs, tankers, pipelines, pulp milis, and many other welding sites.


Dissolvo products are easy to install and remove, and they are also designed not to burst inside pipes.


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